Tom's Ride For Vickie's Angel Walk

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 Our Story

It is with a heavy heart that we give the news to our Tom's Ride friends that Tom passed away just days after the 10th Annual Tom's Ride in September 2017. After nearly fifteen years of fighting brain cancer, Tom passed away surrounded by friends and family. The 10th annual ride took a slight detour to ride past the Conway household for riders to pay their respects and see Tom through his final ride. Seeing Tom's Ride through 10 years of raising money for Vickie's Angel Walk was Tom's goal. He was so proud to see how big his ride became and how much money people could raise for a good cause like Vickie's. We are so thankful for Jason to step in and help us to keep Tom's Ride going. 

- Billie and Jess Conway 


"My name is Tom Conway. I am 50 years old and an active bicyclist. In 2003, I was riding my bike when suddenly I began to go out of control. The twitching and wobbling only lasted about three minutes. I came home and told my wife, Billie, about it. She said that I should see a doctor. So, it turned out to be a seizure. The doctor did some scans and discovered that I had an inoperable brain tumor. I went in for surgery shortly after the find. The tumor is located on my speech area in my brain . Everything was all good until 2005. My tumor grew. It all had to start over, I needed another surgery to remove the growth. When I called my insurance company, they declined me. They wouldn't approve another surgery. We didn't know what to do. I had a friend at work that saw my struggles and recommended Vickie's Angel Walk to me. At first, I thought that I could handle it, no big deal right? Well that's where I was wrong. So, I went to Vickie's for help. My insurance company did finally approve the surgery.  Vickie's helped with my copays and what ever else I needed help with. Vickie's raises money for people just like me and 100% of all of the money raised goes directly to the families who need it. It was started by Mickey Minnich and his sons because of their wife and mom, Vickie. She fought cancer, but became an angel on May 21st, 2003. Mickey is so kind to our family and we couldn't ask for anything more. So, this ride is the very least that we could do to repay Vickie's after what they had done for our family.  Thanks to Vickie's, I'm still going on strong." - Tom Conway