Tom's Ride For Vickie's Angel Walk

Accept the challenge!

Loop Options

 *all loops are marked by green markings on the road and cue sheets are provided for directions*

15 Mile Loop:

This loop is as easy as I could find here in the valley. There will be a little bit of climbing.

30 Mile Loop:

The 30 mile loop is just under 3,000 feet of climbing. Some small hills, some big and not much flat. There is plenty of bail out points. About 15 miles in, you can finish on the 60 mile loop and get a cool 45 miles for the day. The last half is easier then the first half! There is a rest stop about half-way through this loop.

 50 mile gravel loop:

The 50 mile gravel loop uses most of the 30 loop with gravel "short cuts" for the first half and then goes up over Pleasant hill and into the river hills of southern York county before finishing with the 30 with more "short cuts". Lots of climbing! Be prepared with at least one extra tube. There will be ONE rest stop at Klines Run at about the 20 mile mark.

 60 Mile Loop:

The 60 mile loop is about 4,500 feet of climbing. You will roll past places with names like Pleasant Valley, Starview, Mount Wolf, High Mount, Mount Pisgah, and Long Level. Just like the 30 mile loop, there are bail out points along the way and the last half is flatter then the first half. There is a rest stop at about 20 and 40 miles on this loop.

*There is a SAG vehicle available for the riders.*